If you're wondering whether HVS is the right place for you, understanding what our consultants lives are like is a great place to start. Read some employees describe a typical week and find out if you see yourself as the next HVS consultant.
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A Week in the Life Profiles

Arlett Hoff

Consulting & Valuation
HVS London

Breanna Smith

Consulting & Valuation
HVS Portland

Chelsey Leffet

Consulting & Valuation
HVS Washington, D.C.

Hunter Dietz

Consulting & Valuation
HVS Dallas

Jeremy Teo

Consulting & Valuation
HVS Singapore

Laura Dutrieux

Consulting & Valuation
HVS Cape Town

What HVS Associates Say...

I like that HVS is a global organization, with an excellent reputation that it has preserved and built on over many years. There is a lot of room to grow within the company itself, and I am excited by the life-cycle hospitality services we provide; it means I can diversify within the same company and grow my expertise from a single foundational platform. Working with the HVS experts throughout my career gives me confidence; I know I am learning from the most talented icons in the industry.

I enjoy the independence, responsibility, and the nature of the work I do at HVS. The fact that the organization is well respected in my region and upward into the global hospitality sphere is a huge benefit and gives me automatic kudos as an associate, which I strive hard to maintain.

One of the greatest aspects of HVS Golf Services is that every project I work on is completely different. In the time I have been here, we have worked on two vastly different master-planned community projects, a timeshare project and a condo-hotel project. By changing the types of assignments I work on, I am learning about all development projects and building a much better basis of understanding between the differences in how we report for each project.

I’m really impressed by how personal and intimate the company is. I admire the dedication that each employee has to HVS and how HVS reciprocates that same level of trust and support.